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Doggy Day Care

At the Paws Wellbeing Centre

Where your pooch is pawfectly looked after

At Paws Wellbeing Centre, we want your dog to reach his or her potential, which is why we provide a holistic approach to your dog’s care and wellbeing. 

Our qualified team is trained to deliver our Play-Stay-Learn philosophy, which is important in ensuring your dog feels welcome and relaxed in our centre.
This also means you can have peace of mind that when you can’t be with your dog, they’re in the caring hands of our skilled team.

Open weekdays from 6.30am-6pm and Saturday from 7am to 4pm. Complimentary first day.

Visitors welcome to visit by appointment, call 027 682 1000
A day of pawsomeness from only $30 per day / casual from $36.

What our Paws Wellbeing Centre offers

Exercise and wellness pawgrams

Our state-of-the-art centre has over 800m2 of indoor and outdoor play area, where our specialist pet care team create unique activities and experiences every day. From challenging your dog’s intuition to burning off excess energy, our exercise and wellness pawgrams are perfect for your pooch.

Pawsome pampering packages

Drop your dog off at Paws Wellbeing Centre and book them in for one of our pawsome pampering packages. Choose from a selection of groom and beauty spa options. From wellness checks to indulgent shampoos, hygiene treatments to nail clips and care, your pooch will enjoy a five-star pampering experience. Check out our Health & Day Spa

Behaviour and pawformance

Going mutts over your dog’s behaviour?
Our in-house behavourial therapist can help! If your pooch is driving you barking mad, we can provide assessments and individual programmes that incorporate practical, positive and natural solutions to improve their behaviour. With over 15 years of experience, we will have your dog performing perfectly in no time. 

Overnights and doggy holidays

Going away? Can’t take the dog?
No problem – we’ll look after your pooch for you, either at our centre or with one of our skilled and experienced Home Hosts. At Paws Pet Care, we’ve created a home away from home for your dog so they can enjoy overnight stays and doggy holidays while you’re away.

Nutrition for optimal pawformance

At Paws Wellbeing Centre, we know just how important it is to provide your dog with the right food. We offer Wishbone, a New Zealand brand of grain free, high protein food with super foods and minerals. We also have  New Zealand made and manufactured pet foods & treats from Natural NZ PetFood containing ingredients that are as close to their natural state as possible. For those special occasions, your dog can enjoy nutritional treats and canine birthday cakes from our very own Barkery.

The pawfect doggy daycare

One of the things we want you to enjoy about Paws Wellbeing Centre is peace of mind that your dog is being looked after by a team of professionals who genuinely care about the treatment of your best friend. Should your dog require any special dietary requirements or medications, we can arrange and administer this. We will also send you daily photos of your dog’s activities for you to paw over.

Why doggy day care?

You want the best for your dog and so do we. That’s why at Paws Wellbeing Centre,
we have created a doggy day care where the holistic needs of your dog’s welfare
are met… every single day.

Our team of perfectly trained canine experts know just how important it is to provide stimulation for your dog, both mentally and physically. All too often poor behaviour can occur because, as owners, we can not always be there for our dog when they need us.

Fortunately, the team at Paws Wellbeing Centre can be.

Book your dog in to our doggy day care and it will soon become a part of normal life for your dog. Our exercise and wellness pawgrams, combined with our pawsome pampering packages and perfectly planned nutritional plans will enhance your dog’s overall health and wellbeing.

Paws membership

Ensure your dog receives pawferential treatment. 

Talk to one of our Paws Team about membership, you are eligible for membership benefits if you are a regular client booking one or more days a week.

Pet-friendly transpawt

We know what’s it like to try and leave the house in the morning. 

There’s always lots to do, somewhere to be, and that feeling of guilt you can’t be with your canine companion. Busy parents rejoice. 

We offer pet-friendly transpawt which includes door to door pick up and drop off on those days when tight schedules don’t give you time.

Paws at Home

If  doggy daycare is not the right fit for your dog, we have great options with our
Home Hosts who provide private daycare and dog holidays. A meet & greet is always arranged first (no charge) to ensure both you and your dog are happy.
The pawfect home away from home!


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