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Paws at Home

Pawfect care for your pets… in your home or ours.

Our Paws at Home programme is pawfect for pets that prefer quieter environments and the comfort of their own home… or one similar, like ours! If you are heading away for work or on holiday, or there are days when you can’t provide the companionship your pet needs, our Paws at Home team are poised to help.

We offer two types of Paws at Home services:

Home Hosts – our pawsome home hosts can host your dog(s) for day care or a doggy holiday in their home, providing your pooch with a home away from home.

Pet Care Team – one of our pawfessional pet care team will come to your home and feed your pets or walk your dog.  We provide a visit and care service for all pets, including cats, sheep, chickens, horses, guineas, rabbits.
Our Paws at Home Pet Care Team is pawfect for the lifestyle block owner.

Our Paws team consider your pets our family and care for them as diligently as you do.
What’s more, they’re pawsome at it too!

The Paws at Home team cover Hamilton, Cambridge, Te Awamutu and all surrounding areas.
We offer tailor-made services for lifestyle blocks and currently care for animals ranging from horses to
pigs and everything in between!

Pawfessional In-home Pet Care

Most pets don't mind their owner going out for a short time. In fact, most probably enjoy it. There’s no better time for a paw’tie then when the paw’rents are away! But, bring out your suitcase and your pets may start to sulk or scarper. They don’t want to miss out on the fun.

So, if you're planning a holiday, have an emergency, or need to be somewhere for a day, a week or a month our paw’some Paws at Home Pet Care Team can provide pawfessional in-home care for your pets.

While you're away we can:

  • Feed your pets, including providing premium pet food if required

  • Administer any medication

  • Refresh any litter trays

  • Provide plenty of love, chats and cuddles!

  • Ensure they have plenty of fresh water

  • Check your pet is at home and happy

  • Collect the mail and any papers and put out the rubbish 

  • Water any needy plants

We'll provide regular 'rest easy' text or email updates so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your time away, knowing your pet is being pawfectly looked after. Plus you'll have the security of a daily visit to your pawperty.


1-2 pets

3-5 pets

1 visit per day



We will visit more than  1 x daily if required

Meet the Home Care team

In-home Doggy Day Care

Socialisation – it plays a big paw’t in your dog's happiness and overall wellbeing. Having friends to play, pawtie and exercise with is fun and extremely impawtant in terms of your dog’s behaviour. Our In-home Doggy Day Care hosts provide a home away from home for your pooch with a secure dog-friendly outdoor environment. Your dog can also put their paws up and relax indoors and will be walked at least once a day.

Our Paws Home Hosts look after no more than four dogs at a time. This ensures there is plenty of individual attention given to each dog. As part of our In-home Doggy Day Care service, we will:

  • Administer any medications your dog requires

  • Provide an exercise pawgramme (if required)

We will also send you a daily pooch report with a photo of your dog for you to paw over.


  • from $34 per day

  • half day $25

Meet the Home Host team

In-home Doggy Holidays

Just because you’re heading away on holiday doesn’t mean your dog can’t too. But rather than travelling together, your dog can have a special Paws In-Home Doggy Holiday. With a maximum of four dogs, our Paws Home Hosts offer your dog a home away from home in their home with plenty of walks, play, rest and fun as well as lots of one-on-one attention.

Our Paws Home Hosts are committed to maintaining your home life routine for exercising and feeding whilst ensuring your dog's likes and dislikes are accommodated.

Before heading away on holiday, we’ll organize a meet and greet so you and your dog(s) can meet our pawsome Home Hosts. You’ll also be able to meet other dogs that might be guests and get a taste of the home environment your dogs will enjoy.

We'll send regular 'rest easy' text or email updates so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your time away. As part of our In-home Doggy Holidays, we will:

  • Administer any medications your dog requires

  • Provide premium nutrition or you can supply your own

  • Provide an exercise pawgramme (if required)

Please note, Paws at Home members and regulars take priority.

Service from:

  • $54 for 24 hours  

Meet the Home Host team

Exercise Pawgrammes for Dogs

Dogs are just like us. They need regular exercise to keep them happy and healthy. At Paws Wellbeing Centre, we can work with you to create an exercise paw’gramme for your dog that will enhance their overall health and wellbeing – and yours too! After all, a happy dog makes for happy pawrents!

To create your dog’s exercise pawgramme, we’ll build a profile of your dog. This helps us to identify what your dog’s needs are and what types of exercise and nutrition they could benefit from. Your pooche’s pawgramme will include some or all of the following:

  • Exercise
  • Socialisation
  • Nutrition
  • Treatments

30 minute walk – $25.50
45 minute walk – $36
60 minute walk – $48

Second dog from the same home is + $10 for 30 minutes


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