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In-home Pet Care

Paws – YOUR Home Pet Care

Most pets don't mind their owner going out for a short time. But bring out your suitcase and your pets may start to sulk or scarper.

So if you're planning a holiday, have an emergency, or need to be somewhere else for a day, a week or a month Paws at Home can provide in-home care for your pets.

While you're away we can:

  • Feed your pets, including providing premium pet food if required
  • Administer any medication
  • Refresh any litter trays
  • Plenty of pets, chats and cuddles!
  • Ensure they have plenty of fresh water
  • Check your pet is at home and happy

We'll provide regular 'rest easy' text or email updates so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your time away. We'll also check your mail and put out your garbage – plus you'll have the security of having someone daily on your property.

Service1-2 pets3-5 pets
1 visit per day$22$27
2 visits per day$40$50

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